Internships in Germany

Databases for internships in Germany

Internships can be also found on German job portals.

Internship at the German Bundestag (Parliament): If you are a University graduate from Central, Eastern or South Eastern Europe, France, Israel, the USA or the Arab region, you can apply for the the International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS). It's a five months internship at the German Bundestag of which three months are spent working in the office of a member of parliament.

The GIZ (German Society of International Cooperation) offers traineeships and internships for students in Germany and abroad.


The EU programme Erasmus+ provides funding opportunities for students and university graduates as well as for vocational students, trainees and apprentices.

Only residents from Erasmus+ programme countries or partner countries are eligible to apply. The regulations regarding internships during higher education and vocational education and training differ slightly.

Funding for students/graduates

Erasmus+ sponsors student internships for a time period between 2-12 months. Graduates who finished their studies less than 12 months ago are also eligible for funding. Yet, they already need to apply for the funding during their last year of studies. More information:

To apply for Erasmus+ funding for your internship, you need to contact the Erasmus coordinator or international office at your university as your university will function as your sending institution.

Funding for vocational students

Vocational students, trainees, apprentices as well as young professionals who finished their vocational education less than 12 months ago, are eligible to receive Erasmus+ sponsorship for an internship abroad. Internships from a duration of 2 weeks up to 12 months can be supported. More information:

If you want to apply for Erasmus+ funding for your internship, you should talk to your vocational training or education institution first. As you cannot apply for Erasmus+ funding as an individual, your vocational training or education institution will then function as your sending institution.