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Diskussionstitel: Freiwilligendienste
Paula: EFD Motivationsschreiben (01.02.2014 16:42:51)
Hallo, ich möchte unbedingt einen EFD machen. Ich weiß ich bin recht spät dran aber ich würde mich gerne bei experiment e.V als meine entsendeorganisation bewerben...Könnt ihr euch mein Motivationsschreiben mal anschaun? Liebe Grüße Paula:

Dear Mrs. Behm, dear experiment e.V.,

My name is Paula Greim currently student at a Bavarian Gymnasium and totally ready to contribute my work- and willpower to a volunteer project in Europe.
Since I am in my last school year, people tend to ask me, what I want to do after school and I always answer I want a year abroad and not for holiday but for work. This answer is not caused by indecision about my future as people often allege me. Doing a voluntary service is my plan since at least the 8th grade. Actually I do know what I want to study but it always involves thinking about the money I will or will not earn and so on. So what I want to do, at least for one year, is something non-profit-orientated and just helping people. In addition I am quite sure it will help broadening my mind and becoming more aware of being a European citizen, which is actually a topic we included in our pro-tolerance program at school.
As I am part of this program as a "trainer" we teach the youngest at our school what racism is and what can be done against it. Fortunatly most of the fifth graders have not been in contact with this harsh issue,yet. We are also responsible for the youngest and help to introduce them to our school's society and how they can contribute to school's life e.g. by organizing things like this pro-tolerance program, the school magazine or the theater group where I am also a part of.
Of course school is not my only life but in my spare time I am tutoring primary school children in Mathematics and German. The kids like me except when I am late for their lessons. Not on purpose of course but my parents are both working hard and even if I am holding a driver's license I do not always have a car to drive with. My brother is studying at a university 260 km away so he cannot drive me either, so I sometimes miscalculate how long my bike-ride will take. Coming back to my spare time I am quite in to music so no wonder I am member of the local musical society and playing in a couple of bands with whom we had the one and other gig. Concerning stages I am not afraid to be on one as I try to participate in almost every play performed around here. Besides my leisure activities I am also member of a political party called "Die Piraten". Their main concern is web-security so nothing extreme here.
All in all I would say I am not a lazy bone though I am not overdoing my leisure activities. I like working with children and teenagers and the drama group is my passion. Coming from a small town somewhere in Bavaria I am really eager after new experiences.

With kind regards

Paula Greim