"TIME TO ACT" Youth Exchange Programme | Moldova and Germany

20-35 Jahre

18.06.2022 bis 23.10.2022

35 EUR €

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Worum geht’s?

If we look at urban spaces as a gamefield, what rules would we change?


In the youth exchange programme Time to Act, within two offline trips to Berlin and Chisinau and online meetings, 16 participants will explore urban spaces via participatory art techniques and urban exploratory tools. Together we are going to rethink urban spaces around us through creative practices and develop new ideas about what our cities could look like. We will explore our "right to the city" and the role of the youth in urban transformation, answering the following questions:

○ What can we do to develop diversity-conscious, sustainable and social youth places in our cities?

○ What are our visions for the future of our cities?

○ How can we communicate our needs to others and find support?



• 18 June: Online kick-off meeting for selected participants

• 8 — 17 July: Exchange in Berlin

• 14 — 23 October: Exchange in Chisinau



CISR e.V., Berlin: www.cisr-berlin.org

NGO MilleniuM, Chisinau: www.millenium.md

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Lera Rumiantseva v.rumiantseva@cisr-berlin.org

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CISR e. V.

We drive urban networking and social research in Eastern and Central Europe.


CISR e.V. is a non-profit organization from Berlin, which focuses on the support of civil society actors. CISR e.V. implements projects based on non-formal educational programmes for youth, young leaders and young experts from the fields of urban activism, media, social sciences etc.

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