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19.10.2022 bis 29.10.2022

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The basic idea of the YE is to connect and motivate young people with an

international background to work together within a clear and structured platform

towards a defined goal: Go create your own short films together with regard to

the topic Active Citizenship.

The main aim is to give them an understanding of films as a medium for expression

of opinion and participation. They will deal with the question of dierences and

similarities between the cultures and will go into detail with the youth’s interests. The

young people will become aware of their shared historical roots and can

experience interculturalism.

With the different cultural & religious views, the participants will experience that

there are still a lot of similarities among themselves. Another aim of the project is to

cultivate the further professional development of young people through exchanges,

involving communities in European cities and start building a youth expert base in

the communities. In addition, the project aims to raise awareness for the power of

audiovisual language among the young people, the potential for emphasising their

own voice as individuals and take part in building a better future in.

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Kultur und Art Initiative e.V.

Kultur & Art Initiative e.V. was established 17 years ago and it is an intercultural and intergenerational non-profit organisation composed of members from different nations, age groups with different professional backgrounds who have got professional experiences in youth, refugees, migration, non-formal education and media production for many years.


Kultur & Art Initiative e.V. develops and implements intercultural projects.

Our aim is to realize projects with people of different ethnic origins. Our concept is based on contents of social and intercultural integration. We want to work against passive cultural consumption by using active cultural work.


This is why we offer creative and project-orientated opportunities to our participants in addition to media educational workshops and international youth exchanges. In this context we organise “Erasmus+” projects and we work in the fields of youth policy and youth work development.


Since our establishment, Kultur und Art Initiative e.V. implemented many projects in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme, Erasmus+ and many different EU projects like Promotion of the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey, Civil Society Facility EU- Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Culture and Arts (ICD-CA) or Youth Initiatives for Dialogue.


We have been organising International Short Film Festival Detmold since 2005.


We have been cooperating with North Rhine- Westphalia, the culture team of City of Detmold, LWL, Federal Foreign Office, the Hochschule Ostwesmalen-Lippe, the Hochschule für Musik Detmold, local radio communication and television and some local associations.


Our association provides opportunities for extracurricular youth work, including advice on media education, workshops, performances, support in execution of projects. The offers are free of charge and suitable for those who are interested in. Our office is in Detmold, by the culture factory Hangar 21 in Detmold.


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