ICJA10 FoKus Festival – RABRYKA Goerlitz

18-26 Jahre

02.08.2022 bis 16.08.2022

77,- €

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Bewerbungsschluss: 01.08.2022

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"RABRYKA" is a unique space for youth culture and social life, situated in an abandoned factory ground. You can see it as an open space for all kinds of youth and social culture. Currently it offers a wide range of possibilities for kids, youths and adults: Repair shops, DIY and creative workshops, a youth center and urban gardening. There is enough inside and outdoor space for gatherings and sports, sharing things and opinions, playing music and partying together and … much more!

Your help is needed to prepare space and facilities for the Fokus Festival. A 3-day festival (12.-14.08) - 5 stages, many workshops, speekers' corners, food and drinks! You are invited to show your individual creativity and talents; you should be ready to work together in international teams. Supported by a carpenter and a metalworker, you can create fancy furniture for the visitors, colorful decoration for the stage, or help by expanding the BMX trail and designing a luminous advertising. In addition, the support of the kitchen team is quite important. It would be great if the group could contribute something special for the Fokus Festival. Plus, volunteers will offer support during the festival itself and will encounter the visitors discovering their creations.

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Kristina Soboleva +496998191957 Workcamps.in@icja.de

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