ICJA03 Heavens Rock Spangenberg

18-26 Jahre

22.07.2022 bis 13.08.2022

77,- €

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The „Himmelsfels“ (Heavens rock) in Spangenberg is the territory that occupies 8 hectares. In Himmelsfels there are so-called embassies, i.e caravans that have been modified artistically to be tiny houses for German and international guests of the Himmelsfels. Every year in Himmelsfels there are events dedicated to art, culture, Christian gospel music and youth Encounter. This summer season, there will be three international youth camps comprising about 80 – 150 young people from various countries.

The volunteers will help to enrich the current youth camps by becoming part of our international staff, by supporting the activities for the youth and the infrastructure of the camps. The program will take place on the “Himmelsfels” itself.

Workcamp participants are invited to work in different fields: manual, artistically, pedagogical. During the youth camps, you will communicate with kids from diverse backgrounds and join their activities as well. You will support the camp in logistic areas and support the construction and decoration of an artistic project called “the archive of dreams”. It would be helpful to prepare to offer your own workshop whether artistically, musically or athletically in advance and bring many new inspiring ideas. In addition, all volunteers will have the chance to introduce their countries.

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