ICJA01 Stand up against dictatorships, war, and human rights abuses in the post-Soviet countries

18-26 Jahre

24.06.2022 bis 03.07.2022

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We are representatives of four communities from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine who live in Baden-Württemberg and actively work for human rights and freedom in these respective countries. For this project we are cooperating with the Peace Workshop Mutlangen. After more than 30 years of dictatorship regimes and last big attempts of regime change in our three countries, we feel the need to organise a common meeting to exchange our experiences in activism and non-violent successful resistance. We want to reflect on our newly formed joint cooperation from January to June this year and plan further actions until the end of the year and talk about the goals. New ideas and opinions that you bring to the work camp are very valuable for us.

We invite volunteers from the post-Soviet region and interested people from Germany to join us in learning more about political systems and the current human rights situation in the countries concerned as well as about national and international human rights movements. After the work camp, you are welcome to support our activities against dictatorship regimes and for democracy and the rule of law. Besides creative workshops and informative lectures, there will also be a cultural and entertainment programme (walks, film evenings, concerts and much more).

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