Information for young people about Germany

You're interested in spending some time in Germany, learning the German language or you're simply looking for some information on the country? Then you have come to the right place!

In this section of the website, we're providing you with information about youth mobility, international meetings and programmes in Germany. Beside basic information on topics such as travelling and accomodation, we're introducing German organisations that are active in the areas of international exchange and inform you about sponsorship opportunities, German language courses, jobs and internships.

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    Travelling and Accommodation in Germany

    Before you come to Germany, you should inform yourself about the visa regulations. This information is available from the German embassies and consulates in your home country or on the website of the German Foreign Ministry.

    Tourist information about Germany can be found at the German National Tourist Board

    Further general information for young people interested in coming to Germany is available on:

    Travel grants

    The Schwarzkopf Stiftung supports young people travelling through Europe or Germany with a grant. The journey should focus on a specific topic subject. To apply for this program you have to be 18 to 27 years old and are a resident in an EU country, Turkey or Russia. More information:

    How to travel?

    All information about travelling by by train in Germany can be found on the website of, Deutsche Bahn including schedules and discouts for young people or groups.

    In the past few years a large network of national bus lines have emerged. If you want to travel by bus check out There you will find which companies offer which connections.

    You can also travel by car, even if you don’t have one yourself. There are several websites where people offer a place in their car for a small fee, for instance

    Reductions while travelling can be obtained using a student identity card. When travelling abroad an International Student Identity Card allows for several reductions before and while travelling and can be obtained from student's offices or student travel agencies.


    Presently more than 600 Youth Hostels in Germany offer reasonably priced accommodation. You need a membership card to be admitted. Further information is provided by the International Youth Hostel Federation ( or the German Youth Hostel Association (

    More hostels can be found on regular hostel booking portals online.

    In university cities the Studentenwerk often helps with short term lodging or apartments: